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Can You Divorce Proof Your Relationship? | Episode 5

Divorce. What does a relationship split mean for a woman's financial future? Statistically women are financially worse off and worse off if they divorce earlier. The studies split by gender but a lot of this has to do with the lower income earning partner, and the cost of childcare both in dollars spent and career impact of being the primary caregiver. All studies we found seemed to have a cis-hetero bias, but the findings can be applied to the lower income earning partner. 

Most financial planner prior to marriage focuses on protecting assets or the income of the higher income earning. Looking at the data that practice is a bit backwards. The lower income partner has more to lose in a separation, it will be more difficult for that person to get back on track after a split. How can you divorce-proof your marriage/partnership? Speaking openly about finances, financial stressors, and be flexible with each other. 

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