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How Covid-19 will affect your finances? | Episode 20

We've seen significant turbulence in the last week in the markets and most of us have had to make changes to our day to day life and could be now facing concerns over how we pay our bills.  We chat about how this could affect your own finances, what we've been doing, and how we could have set up our society to be more resilient to these kinds of shocks.  We record about a week before posting, so some of the information is behind in terms of closures and travel. This is a great primer for our conversation with Michelle from the Native Calgarian podcast next week. We're all in this together and there's no better time than a pandemic to check your privilege. 

Interview with Tori Dunlap of Her First 100k | Episode 15

Pink Tax Rebate: Smash the patriarchy by sharing your financial know-how with other women.

This week Janine interviews Tori Dunlap a feminist who is working to dismantle the patriarchy through financial education.  Tori is a negotiation expert and we get her take on sharing salaries in the workplace, thoughts on investing, and learn how did she save $100k by the time she turned 25.  We hope that she inspires you to share your knowledge with other women and keep smashing the patriarchy, one dollar at a time. 

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Who Is The TFSA Actually Helping? | Episode 14

It's 2020 and that means that there is an addition $6,000 for you to contribute to you TFSA.

This week Janine and Tara talk about what the benefits of the TFSA are and who the TFSA actually helps! 

Did you know billions of dollars in tax revenue end up missed because of the tax shelter the TFSA provides. Is this good or bad? Hard to say, tune in to hear what we think! 

Pink Tax Rebate: Open a TFSA and get investing! 

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What Government Programs Are You Entitled To? | Episode 10


We give a broad overview of a few government programs like the TFSA, RRSP, RESP, etc. and how to avoid common pitfalls. To confirm a couple of things, we did record this before the election was announced and released it after, please don’t be confused by our comments on that.  What year did the government give us $10,000 in contribution room was 2015 - yay for our memories. We touch on the contribution room briefly and there are several sources out there that say you can’t lose your contribution room, which is true unless you invest it into a stock or other instrument that goes to 0.  In the same way the earnings aren’t taxed, the loses within a TFSA aren’t tracked either, once you contribute to your TFSA that’s what is being tracked. Our take away for this week is to open a TFSA! Listen to the full episode for our thoughts on all the other programs and let us know what you think.

Pink Tax Rebate: Get a TFSA! That's it, that's all, we love this for everyone! 

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LGBTQ+ Investing | Mini Epsiode


Update: There’s a little bit of (American) data on the LGBTQ+ and investing.  We found an index that rates public companies on their LGBTQ+ policies, this could help direct you invest in companies that are LGBTQ+ friendly.  We think that all companies should be LGBTQ+ friendly in 2019/2020 but the reality is they’re not. We learned some shocking facts about LGBTQ+ benefits that can also affect any women who needs fertility treatment or wants to adopt.  We missed the part about the coverage of birth control, but at the end of the day if employer health insurance could just cover health care costs for everyone’s needs we think that be great. At a personal level, we talk about being out with your advisor.  We’re both cis-hetero so we haven’t directly experienced having to do this but can see in the value in being out with your advisor and how awful any bigoted responses from advisors would be.  

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What’s stopping You From Investing? | Episode 6 - Part 2


*This is the second part of a two part series on investing! 

Investments - Part 2!  We hope you enjoyed our intro to investing in part one. 

This next part we chat about higher-risk options that you may have heard about, how investing can be intimidating and the invisible women when we went looking for studies on gender and investing.  We’re looking for your feedback, do you find investing intimidating or do you feel uncomfortable going to see a financial advisor?

If you’re new to the investment game, we wanted to leave you with some resources to get started.  Terminology, how to compare ETFs and funds, and tax implications.   

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What’s stopping You From Investing? | Episode 6 - Part 1


*This is a 2 part series on investing! 

In this weeks episode (part 1) we talk about investment options you have as well as risk. 

Tara and I discuss how we got into investing and our journey investing to date. 

We talk about the investment gap for women, and how investing means you have to save less money.

Should you invest in your TFSA, RRSP, or an unregistered account and when should you look at contribute to these accounts for investing?

Tara and I agree that you should be contributing to both the TFSA and the RRSP; if you were 18 as of 2009 you have the ability to contribute $63,500. 

We discuss where you can invest your money:

- Hiring a financial planner 

- Financial Institution 

- Roboadvisor

- DIY 

We also discuss investments you can make within these accounts:

- Individual Stocks  

- ETFs and Index Funds - passively managed 

- Mutual Funds - actively managed

Check out the Canadian Couch Potato for mock portfolios.

Check back soon for part 2! 

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