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How Covid-19 will affect your finances? | Episode 20

We've seen significant turbulence in the last week in the markets and most of us have had to make changes to our day to day life and could be now facing concerns over how we pay our bills.  We chat about how this could affect your own finances, what we've been doing, and how we could have set up our society to be more resilient to these kinds of shocks.  We record about a week before posting, so some of the information is behind in terms of closures and travel. This is a great primer for our conversation with Michelle from the Native Calgarian podcast next week. We're all in this together and there's no better time than a pandemic to check your privilege. 

Is Our Tax System Sexist? | Episode 17

This week we are interviewing Dr. Lindsay Tedds a tax professor and researcher in the area of public policy. We cover everything from how user fees are taxed and whether or not that is sexist, maternity leave benefits and how those should be included in income and safe injection sites.

Dr. Tedds shares some amazing policies and insights into how we as a society can continue to move forward and support the most vulnerable populations! 

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What Should You Know About Taxes? | Episode 16

A bit less political than our past and upcoming episodes, but a few key tax dates are quickly approaching. Brush up your knowledge to maximize your return or to ensure you receive your 2020 social assistance.