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So You Want To Buy A Home? | Episode 4

October 8, 2019


Home ownership. Will you or won't you?

This week we chat about everything home ownership. Our own personal experiences and the costs associated with owning a home. We talk about the nitty gritty so you can decide if home ownership is a goal that you even want to have. We talk about the lack of choice on the rental market, especially if you have a family and work near a city centre. 

TFSA or RRSP. We each used one for different reasons. Janine loves the first time home buyers RRSP withdrawal, but Tara used her TFSA to build up a down payment for the second property. We discuss the bare bones of affordability and whether or not to use the full amount you qualify for when getting a mortgage. We talk about the hidden risk of investing in real estate and compare it to the cost of renting. Let us know if you would like to buy a home and what barriers are getting in your way.

Pink Tax Rebate: Do the math, figure out how much you can afford. Even if you aren't purchasing a home in the near future it's a good idea to have an understanding of where you stand. 

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