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LGBTQ+ Investing | Mini Epsiode

October 28, 2019


Update: There’s a little bit of (American) data on the LGBTQ+ and investing.  We found an index that rates public companies on their LGBTQ+ policies, this could help direct you invest in companies that are LGBTQ+ friendly.  We think that all companies should be LGBTQ+ friendly in 2019/2020 but the reality is they’re not. We learned some shocking facts about LGBTQ+ benefits that can also affect any women who needs fertility treatment or wants to adopt.  We missed the part about the coverage of birth control, but at the end of the day if employer health insurance could just cover health care costs for everyone’s needs we think that be great. At a personal level, we talk about being out with your advisor.  We’re both cis-hetero so we haven’t directly experienced having to do this but can see in the value in being out with your advisor and how awful any bigoted responses from advisors would be.  

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