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Does Being A Millennial Affect Your Finances? | Episode 8

November 5, 2019


All things millennial money. Housing affordability, wage stagnation, tuition increases, and student debt. We took a quick peek at this infographic from stats Canada on how millennials are doing in terms of numbers.  The income distribution is worrying to say the least, so is this chart comparing income to housing affordability. Speaking of disparity, the top ten percent of millennials held 55% of the total net worth of all Canadian millennials.  We don’t dig into it, but it’s tough to say if this is due just to income disparity or inherited wealth as well. It’s a scary thought to think of what is left of the middle class for the millennial generation and generations to come. We’re talking about issues that are bigger than what any one millennial can resolve.  To look at issues of equality and equity we need to work together to ensure that companies and governments are meeting the needs of millennials.

Pink Tax Rebate: There is no magic bullet. We need to work together to rise up to meet the challenges of our generation

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