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September 19, 2019

 This is the Pink Tax Podcast. Millennial women are equally capable and confident as their male counterparts but when it comes to money we tend to hold back. The Pink Tax Podcast is determined to help women kickstart their financial journey on the road to financial independence.67889746_2591543350855692_4663540468557021184_o.jpgThrough financial education, increased literacy, and opening the door to financial conversations your hosts Janine and Tara will shed light on the taboo money topics of today.

 Janine Rogan, CPA is a personal finance educator, wealth generation expert, and award winning CPA based in Calgary, Alberta.   She is passionate about sharing her financial knowledge with Canadians to help educate them to make money-smart decisions.   Through her website, YouTube channel, and community engagement, Janine shares actionable financial advice that will make aTara_s_Headshots_077_copy.jpgdifference in how you manage your money. Over the years Janine has spent countless hours educating the community across Canada on all aspects of financial literacy. She has written over 700 articles and spoken to thousands of individuals.

 Tara Faria is a mom of one future taxpayer, one cat (aka the freeloader), and one half of a super awesome feminist couple with her spouse. She has a passion for personal finance, advancing the careers of other women, and helping others build as much wealth as they can.